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Itinerary 207-3V Path 3V, 7th Leg; Muceno – Dumenza

Total length of the route: 16.940 Km
Walking time (outward route): 4:20 hrs
Walking time (return route): 4:15 hrs
Uphill: 387 m
Downhill: 244 m

The itinerary starts at Muceno, in the square in front of the Circolo Mucenese (Mucenese Club), the arrival of the 3V path, 6th leg.
Walk along the SP31 Via Cristoforo Colombo heading to Brezzo enjoying the large sights on the meadows and on the Piedmont shore of Lake Maggiore. Go past Ticinallo and at the edge of Brezzo, leave the SP31 and keep right along Via Trieste, going through the village until you reach the SP31 again now called Via Manzoni. Go along the SP31 as far as the turning into Via Pianezza, which you take on the right; continue as far as the square in front of the church of Brezzo churchyard at which you can continue past the crossing on the right to San Michele. Walk along Via Pianezza until you reach the SP43 Via Roggiano. Go past it and walk on in the same direction until you reach a widening in which Via Pianezza and Via Roma, which takes to the village centre, meet and Via Crocetta, at which 214 path, alternative 3V 7th leg, Bedero-Sette Termini starts and Via Vignazza. Turn into Via Vignazza as far as the junction to Via Canonica on the right; take the staircase, which leaves out the hairpin bend, leading up to the parvise of the Rectory - Canonica di Brezzo di Bedero; keep on until you get to Via Monte Grappa which slightly upwards gets to the top of the hill, past some remains of the Linea Cadorna and then turns downhill on the slopes facing the lake until it crosses Via Roma and the SP31 Via Germignaga. Turn downhill into the SP31 on the right, towards Germignaga, enjoyning large sights on the lake until you reach a hairpin turn where you turn right into Via Monte Grappa and walk along it until you get back to the SP31, after passing through a series of small houses with a beautiful view on the lake. Go past San Giovanni Church as far as the bridge over San Giovanni brook. Turn left here and walk along the right bank of the brook, walk on the bridge over the railway and get to the junction to Via Francesco Baracca which skirts the San Giovanni brook. Go ahead as far as Piazza Roma and the Parish Church of Germignaga; take Via Giacomo Matteotti going towards the lake of which you can take a glimpse at the end of the street. Cross the SP69 Via Bodmer and get right into the Boschetto park reaching the mouth of the River Tresa. Go up the riverside to the bridge over the Tresa on which you will come across the SP 69 again; turn left, cross the bridge heading to Luino and get to the Ratti roundabout, walk straight ahead along Viale Alighieri until you reach the lake front. Walk straight ahead across the park skirting the Lake of Luino until you get to Piazza Garibaldi and turn into Via XV Agosto on the right as far as Piazza Risorgimento. Here, take Via Bernardio Luini, walk under the railway bridge, keep right at the school building and go straight ahead along Via Creva, walk past Via Bel Tempo on the left where the alternative path 207A heading to Località Cattel starts and reach Piazza Tolini at Creva where path181 along Via Moncucco starts on the left. From Piazza Tolini continue along Via Creva and then turn left into Via Turati and go straight ahead as far as the junction into Via del Cattel on the left. Path 413, Alternative 3V 7th leg, Sette Termini-Creva and path 421, Creva-Voldomino-Luino begin here. Walk uphill along the unpaved Via del Cattel from which you can catch a glimpse at the dam and the lake of Creva and reach Località Cattel, going past the turning into Via Brughiere (207A) on the left. Now Via del Cattel is a paved road crossing the SP6 dir Via Lugano which you take on the right, heading to Fornasette as far as a lay-by on the left where the rural road starts. Take this track as far as the path turning on the right heading to Pianazzo and get uphill into the wood until you take Via Pianazzo on the right. Go past the football field and just at the Circolo di Pianazzo turn right into a rural road heading to Torbera. Turn right on the path bordering the wood and reach the "Ramina", the barbed wire outlining the border. Keep left, and walking along the border, you can reach the street and the customs office at Palone. Cross the street and take a small path running between the Swiss border and the Italian one. This path leads to a turning on the right heading to Sessa (CH); turn left on the mule track heading to Dumenza, going past the junction to Via Europa on the left, past the junction with the San Nazario Church on the left, past the turning into Via Volta and reach an old public washhouse. Turn right here and get into a narrow street bordering Dumenza until you reach Via XX Settembre, at Località Trezzino where the path ends.



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